SlickRun... Oh I like this!

It's good to have friends... :-)

Fellow Microsoft MVP Cathy Pountney recently told me about a very slick little utility, SlickRun, that she recently started using. Before she gets all the credit, she was told about it by another Microsoft MVP, Rick Strahl.

 Taken from the Bayden Systems website:

"SlickRun is a free floating command line utility for Windows. SlickRun gives you almost instant access to any program or website. SlickRun allows you to create command aliases (known as MagicWords), so C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe becomes MAIL."

I'm just getting started using it but I've already added a couple MagicWords to improve my productivity. On any given day, I'm usually working on a couple of different dev projects, courseware design, conference/user-goup/code camp presentations, or other things that eat up my business day (or night!). The faster I can get to where I need to be the better. Here's one I added that launches Visual Studio with the ASP.NET project I've created for the tech editing work I'm doing on Chris Love's upcoming ASP.NET 2.0 book:



It uses C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe to launch VS 2005, D:\Files\Projects\TechEditing\Wiley_ChrisLove\Chapter5WebApplication as the folder to start in and Chapter5WebApplication.sln as the name of the solution to load. I type techedit in the SlickRun box and up comes VS 2005 with the project I need loaded.

For those of you reading this and thinking "I could of had a V8", ummmm, no, I mean if you're thinking that you could do the same thing with desktop shortcuts, you're right. SlickRun works the same way except for the fact that I keep it always on top, in the lower right corner of my screen, and I find it quicker to get things loaded.

Another gem feature is the ability to have it perform multiple tasks with a single MagicWord. It comes preloaded with a number of them already including one called morning. You can configure this to load everything you want loaded when you sit down at your desk every morning. Type morning and go get your coffee. When you return everything you need is open and ready to go. This is a very handy little utility!

I did read on Rick Strahl's blog that he had a minor issue with SlickRun and Intelisense in ASP.NET while running Vista. I haven't encountered that yet but if I do I know where to look for the work around.

This is definitely something I'll be talking up on this week's Computers 2K7 radio show.

Have a day.

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