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APress deal of the day 13/Sep/2012 - Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

Today's $10 deal of the day from APress at is Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

"Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming brings you into the modern world of development, as you master the fundamentals of programming with C# and learn to develop efficient, reusable, elegant code through the object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology." 

book cover 

Here is a summary of my earlier review:

This is a good book to learn C# by doing something practical. The book provides an excellent series of hands-on activities.

So should you get a copy for your trainee C# programmers? Yes!

Do I recommend it for people learning C# 2010 on their own? Yes!

Those of you who have written to me for training in C# (assuming the messages were not from BOTS!), should you buy this book - YES!


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