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Why do I post details of book offers?

Recently I received a challenging email about posting details of book offers, so to put the record straight, here are a few notes:
  • I post details of worthwhile offers to help the community. These are for books I consider to be worth-while at a discounted price.
  • I get no "kickback" for any reference.
  • I do get some books for review and some like Adam Freeman's are an excellent read but most require a lot of time and effort to read from cover to cover.
  • Please check the period of validity of the offer. If I know the expiry then I will post it. For example I am about to post about a "Back to School" special. This will expire at 23:59 PT on September 11 2012.
  • If the deal of the day is posted on a Friday, then for Microsoft Press and O'Reilly, the offer may be be available over the weekend.
  • APress deals of the day expire about 05:00 hours GMT the following day.


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