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UK Data Breaches Up by 10 fold in 10 years.

At there is an interesting report on the increase in data breaches reported in the UK.

A lot of this increase may simply a change in legislation that has made reporting a statutory obligation.

Some questions to ask yourself:
  • Are server logs checked for untoward activity?
  • Do you have a reporting policy if something is amiss?
  • Did you design security in for the start of your application design?
  • Do you log for example failed logons?
  • Do you run tools to check for code integrity?
  • Is my defense, a strategy of defense in depth?
  • Do you realise that 60% of hack attacks are internal?

Whilst SQL Injection is a problem that affects practically all application code platforms, within Microsoft Applications do you run FXCOP? Do you run any of the other free tools for checking?


# UK Data Breaches Up by 10 fold in 10 years.

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