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Visual Studio 11 Beta Go-Live licence

It is highly significant that a Go-Live licence is now available for Visual Studio 11 beta. The key sentence is "Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta meet our high standards for pre-release software, so we support application design, development, test, and deployment in test and production environments.".

Full details of the Go-Live at

Development is still on-going with VS11. I intend to install VS11 on my development PC. It will co-exist with Visual Studio 10. I am currently downloaded VS11 Ultimate Beta ISO. I will burn the ISO file to a DVD and install from that. It may be posible to install from a mounted ISO, but I suspect that as with VS10 it will not install correctly from a mounted ISO file.

I urge you to try running copies of all your VS2010 solutions using this beta to see if there are any problems perculiar to your setup.


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