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The origin of the following is now lost in the mists of time but it bears repeating.

A big party is being held to honor relational database systems & their impact on the modern society. Outside the venue, the host awaits the guests.

The first limousine arrives and out steps Oracle followed by 4 people

Host: Who have you brought along?
Oracle: I have 4 DBA’s in tow. One to install me, one to design the databases, one to administer me and the other to justify the cost.

A second limo arrives and out steps DB2 followed by 40 people

Host: Who have you bought along?
DB2: I have 2 DBA’s, 2 hardware specialist and 36 consultants.

A third limo arrives and out steps SQL Server all on his own.

Host: Why haven’t you brought anyone?
SQL Server: I didn’t bring anyone because I am easy to install and am basically self managing.

20 minutes later, up rushes MySQL, unshaved, hair a mess.

Host: Where have you been MySQL?
MySQL: Sorry, I thought it was February 31st



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