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Enabling mouse scroll in VB6

Recently whilst rewriting some VB6 applications into C#, I found I missed the ability to use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll forward and back through the code. So I hunted around and found:

With the help of these articles, I quickly downloaded and installed the scroll utility, Once the DLL was registered and enabled in the Add-in manager, I was able to scroll easily through the VB6 code.



# re: Enabling mouse scroll in VB6 in windows 7 64 bit

Gravatar Please help me about mouse scrolling in vb6.0 and my computer is windows 7 64 bit 4/1/2012 12:03 PM | Ankit

# re: Enabling mouse scroll in VB6

Gravatar Please see "" where the following response is given:
I have the same problem with my Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and VB6. I have not found a fix for this either but i have figured out a work around which i use. basically all i do is drag the scroll bar down a few times, and there after the scroll wheel kicks in and starts to work, not sure why this works, but iv been doing this for a while now and it seems to be working for me. 4/1/2012 5:10 PM | Tatworth

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