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At there is a new free Visual Studio 2010 add-on.

"You may have noticed that this new-fangled Web thing is getting quite a bit of traction at the moment. And these days you can’t get away with static Web pages built with table-based layouts and presentational markup. It’s all script this and stylesheet that and jQuery the other. Why, even those time-hallowed animated GIFs of little men digging now incur only sneers from the Weberati.

But when you’re writing one of these modern Web pages, don’t you find yourself wishing for something a bit less repetitive than CSS and a bit neater and safer than JavaScript? Well, you’re not alone. A bunch of smart folks have invented extensions and alternatives: languages that do the same jobs as CSS and JavaScript, but are a bit easier on your fingers and your brain. Three prominent productivity languages are Sass and Less, which provide extensions to CSS to reduce duplication and promote reuse, and CoffeeScript, which provides a simpler and safer syntax than JavaScript but still compiles down to JavaScript to run in the browser.

Today, we’re releasing a FREE Visual Studio extension that supports all three of these languages. Mindscape Web Workbench gives you Visual Studio syntax highlighting for Sass, Less and CoffeeScript, and automatically generates the corresponding CSS and JavaScript into your Web project so you can just reference it on your Web pages as though you’d written it by hand*. For Sass and Less, Web Workbench also provides Intellisense, outlining, “go to definition” support — very handy for navigating around large stylesheets — and of course the ever-popular error squigglies!"

I intend to try out Sass, Less and CoffeeScript.  Will post further commetns later

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