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Recently I needed to run old versions of Internet Explorer - specifically IE 6 and IE 7. (Without getting into the "wars", shall we just say that the older versions of IE can give unexpected results with certain mark-up, so you have got to run tests with them)

The host PC of course needs to run the latest version of IE as it is more secure. Microsoft recommend that you run old versions of IE via  Virtual PC.

The instructions to install VM components are at - follow them. It helps if you run this page in IE not Firefox.

Once done you can download the images you require from

The images will expire on Jan 11, 2011, so after that date you will need to download new images. To do this you may need to look for "Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image".

To load them, use XPMORE from to add new images. When you download XPMORE, plese be sure to click on the five stars in appreciation of the work this developer has done. To add these images, just click new and during one of the configuration steps, you can select a downloaded image.

When you start up be sure to go to Windows Update and add the latest security and important patches. Once you have done this, please be sure to install your anti-virus. To reduce size the images are supplied with the virtual memory turned off. It is suggested that you turn this back on to improve performance.

The hibernating of these virtual PCs is awesomely fast.

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