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Whilst reading through Design Driven Testing (ISBN 978-1-4302, I came across a very telling statement concerning the expansion of use cases. This was in the context of sunny days (default course through the application) and rainy days (the paths travelled when things go wrong).

The quote I want to share with you is this: "If the rainy days scenarios are not explored in sufficient depth before coding begins, all sorts of nasty surprises can leap up during coding, often resulting in a need to rethink the design."

The autthors are correct that often we are rushed into design, without properly considering all required outcomes in a given scenario.

The only shortcoming, so far I can find about this book is that the examples are from the world of UML and J*** and not Visual Studio/C#.  Otherwise, I would recommend it all my fellow web developers. Certainly all those responsible for Technical Design of applications should read this book as it contains much useful insight into good practical design that requires only refinement not continual rewriting.

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