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I have just received some books from Apress to review. Apress is one of a very small group of publishers that is excellent at producing books on computing.

The first book I shall review is "Design Driven Testing" - ISBN 978-1-4302-2943-8. Apress's slogan is "BOOKS FOR PROFESSIONALS BY PROFESSIONALS".  The Authors have practical experience and book is a pragmatic guide to effective testing. The authors' slogan is "Test Smarter, Not Harder" - In Chapter 1 they justify this statement. From what I have already read I am eager to read more.

Whilst Test Driven Development in some applications needs to go to 100% code coverage (and more!), the DDT approach is superior in that the testing is focussed where it is really needed.

I will comment further on this excellent book in a later blog, but for now I will recommend it as a book that should be in the library of software development teams. Apress are to be commended for bringing the DDT technique to our attention.

As a footnote, I need to say that there are applications where TDD remains entirely appropriate. An example of this area is code to implement a calculation that mandated by some standard. In such a case the calculation may be such that a single test giving 100% coverage is not  enough and a series of tests, each with the maximum allowed of one component may be required.


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