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One of the first things that you may want to do when setting up your BizTalk 360 installation is to configure the users that will be allowed access to the system and the levels of access that they will be allowed.

To update the User Access Policy settings we first need to navigate to the Settings page:


Select User Access Policy to view the existing setup, you should see the user that you used when installing BizTalk 360.  This user should be set up as Super User with full access to all environments:


To add a new user select the Add New button, you will then see the following window:


If you select the Super User option you will be given access to all environments and all permissions, selecting OK will close the wizard and create the Super User account.

Assuming you do not select Super User, and where you have more than one environment configured, you will be able to choose which environment this user has access to:


Selecting next will allow you to choose the Allowed Applications for this non-Super User:


Selecting next will allow you to choose the Permissions for this non-Super User, these are all fairly self-explanatory:


Selecting OK will create the user.  In the screen shot below you can see that I have added a Super User for all environments and a non-Super User for the Test Environment only:


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