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Having previsouly installed and then configured MySQL, you may now need to install the ODBC Data Connector driver in order to connect to your MySQL database.

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Splash Screen

Following the Splash screen the first thing to choose is the Setup Type for your installation.  As usual I chose custom so that I could see the components that were actually being installed. 

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Setup Type

In this case the custom set up screen allows you to choose to install the driver and the documentation.

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Custom Setup

Finally you can complete the installation

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Ready

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Installing

Assuming it completes okay you have now installed the MySQL ODBC driver.

MySQL ODBC Data Connector - Complete

My intention for installing all these MySQL components is so that I can now attempt to get BizTalk 2009 talking to the MySQL database for a solution that I am currently working on.  For this I will next be looking at the Community ODBC Adapter.

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