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Next years TechEd will be in Orlando, with registration starting around 24th. Planning on going, but do wonder how it will go. This year have not gone to as many 400 level events, nor has there been as many 'famous' speakers. Perhaps they are holding off till PDC - got to make this years one, missed last year due to being too busy. The content has been good, with some talk of VS vNext - which I want now. One of the main focuses seems to be on simplifying the developer experience. They will have a search box to find commands in the VS - ha ha. One really good thing; the project files are compatible between VS2010 and vNext Have seen a new product VS LightSwitch (currently beta2), must learn more - not because I really want to use it, but can think of several People who could use this. Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011 3:36 PM Teched2011 | Back to top

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