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PDC seems to be all about

  • .NET 4.0 and beyond
  • How to make use of all the cores in our machines
  • How to make use of the cloud
  • Windows 7
  • Touch screens

The added features in .NET 4.0 I could use now - so it's sort of useful that they've given us a VPC with VS2010 on it. That's enough to play with, but personally I would have prefered to get a image so I could install it on a existing system.

Recycling seems to be much more important this year - which is good. Bit of warning regarding the bag would have been nice.

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:40 PM PDC , PDC08 | Back to top

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Hello Stefan,
I think all other developers that are not attending to the PDC can also download the CTP of VS2010 from Microsoft Connect or from Microsoft Downloads.
But it seems to be about 7GB of data.
Left by Eralper on Oct 30, 2008 1:48 AM

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