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No major announcements in this TechEd, through there are new products such Visual Studio for Database. Went to a number of sessions today ; First one was about business reporting which was interesting through not sure if it end user extensible enough for the system I'm currently working on, but I guess that's one of the advantages of TechEd, is that I can grap somebody and ask them.

The next session covered the architecture version of visual studio. Nothing really new, but it was the first time I had seen it all in one go, with such a coherent explaination.

The next one covered wcf and how you don't need to use it with soap. In otherwords, you can use in cases where performance is important and you don't want to through all of the soap xml around.

Then a session covering dlink which didn't really cover anything new.

The last session covered new features in VC++ 2005. Most of it is common with the other visual studio languages. It was a interesting presentation particularly the focus on keystrokes. The most interesting feature was what you could do in the in the find window. E.g. To shell out, put in >shell cmd

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