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The TechEd bus driver, driving back to the hotel this evening, had a problem getting to the hotel (lots of 1 way roads plus some instructions about what roads he could driver on), so saw a bit of Boston. It looks like quite a facinating place, and on Saturday, before I go home, I've got to go out and a good look at the place.

I had a wander around yesterday, and found a interesting food court which I shall have to return to. The only problem I have at TechEd, is that I usually snack so much doing the day that come the evening, I'm not hungry. There's just to much interesting food, through I wish they had something other than orange and cranberry to drink (non-fizzy). Ever since my first TechEd in 2004, I don't drink that much fizzy drinks.

Ahhh well.. The only think I've seen so far which worries me a little bit about the conference center is the number of toilets. Perhaps they are hidden away, but there does not seem to be that many of them. Shall be interesting tomorrow when everybody else is around.

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