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Apart from the usual stuff that everybody mentions (Snippets, auto-completion of keywords, generics), there's a number of things I've come across.

1) In the property window for a file, there's a option to copy to Output directory.
The number of times I've had to put in a post build step to copy a xml file..

2) Auto-completion of xml.
If you start filling in a xml document for which there's a schema, you get all the normal VS2005 auto-completion logic.  In fact it will also generate stubs for all your mandatory attributes and elements (like a snippet would do it)

3) Non list generics
I used to have a function which looked like:
        public IService GetService(Type serviceType)
Which was called like this:
        IFormService ifs = (IFormService)GetService(TypeOf(IFormService))
but with generics, I can define it like this:
        public T GetService<T>() where T : IService
which means to call it, I can d
        IFormService ifs = GetService<IFormService>()
Which means I don't have to cast or enter the type name more than twice.
Of course in Orcas, I should be able do
        var ifs = GetService<IFormService>()

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