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Another long day, not all good. First the bad, the bus arrangement to go to the party didn't seem to be working that well. Apartently it was made worse by some sort of accident, but there seemed to be a certain lack of co-ordination. The party was fun enough, I got to go on more rides than last time I went to a Universal studios, but there were not enough places to get drinks.

The good news, is LINQ, something very impressive. I attended two sessions on it today (both by Anders). This I got to install, and try out.

To support Linq, a number of new ways of doing things have been developed, and shown off; including dynamicelly generated methods, lambda, extension methods, etc. It was a consistant way of querying over many different types of data (from databases to local arrays, or even xml elements). That's right, you can now, using C#, query over relational databases. And then use the same syntax to query over a local collection. Ok, it can't yet duplicate certain sql concepts (e.g. left/right joins), but I'm sure it will come.

Extension methods allow you to extend any existing class with addition functions. Wow. This can really be miss-used. I could, for example, extend object, and put on a SaveToDisk method. such that I could call SaveToDisk on any object (yes, this is a miss-use). But, wow again.

I've already thought of the first program I'm going to write using all of this.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to concentrate more on workflow.



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