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Uninstalling Visual Studio (Really, Really Uninstalling it)

Sometimes Visual Studio updates don’t go as planned.  I recently tried applying SP3 to my VS 2015 install only to have to die. Attempts to remove Visual Studio resulted in multiple failures, even when VS appeared to uninstall correctly, attempts to reinstall failed.


As I made preparations for a complete rebuild of my development PC, a friend of mine sent me a link to the Visual Studio Uninstaller.  Written by the folks at Microsoft, it is the “scorch the earth”, last ditch option for uninstalling visual studio.


It took a while to run, and then re-install Visual Studio (with the SP) but it was successful in solving my problem, and prevented me from the dreaded “machine rebuild”.


here’s the link:


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# re: Uninstalling Visual Studio (Really, Really Uninstalling it)

Hi. The <script> link doesn't work for me.
10/2/2016 5:41 PM | Carla

# re: Uninstalling Visual Studio (Really, Really Uninstalling it)

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10/3/2016 11:11 AM | James warden
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