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WF 4.0 – A Look Ahead

At PDC this year, Microsoft announced a major release of the Windows Workflow Foundations (WF); WF4.0

WF4.0 promises better performance, scalability, control, visibility, and usability than its predecessor.

Gone are code-asides and the dreaded code activities, replaced with 100% XAML markup and custom activities.  MFST has seriously stepped up its tooling to make custom activities easier (including defining a custom WF syntax which gets “compiled” to XAML), an improved designer and debugging support.

Interop support is available to run your soon-to-be-legacy 3.x Workflows under 4.0, but it sounds as if a refactoring of current workflows and activities is the best way to leverage the 4.0 improvements.  Looks like I’ll be releasing a new version of the Custom Activity Generator

The new WF runtime allows WF’s in app, data, or UI tiers. WF articulation is gaining momentum in the other MFST initiatives too, including Azure, office and of course Sharepoint.

Here’s a link to some session screencasts relating to WF 4.0.



Here’s a link to an article by David Chappell, which explains the high level interactions between some new MS technologies including WF 4.0, Oslo, and Dublin (Server extensions)

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