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A three day SharePoint Saturday? Yes…a three day SharePoint Saturday. A spawn of speakers, a horde of helpers, A volley of vendors, and an avalanche of attendees converged at a community college in Annandale, VA to create the biggest SharePoint Saturday event to date… and it was good.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen attendees so engaged and excited before! I had packed rooms, awesome interaction, and very few dirty looks… Thanks so much to all of those who chose to attend my sessions with so many other awesome sessions to choose from! I hope you all got something out of what I had to say. 

I’m not even going to bother to mention all the cool people I met, all the friends I got to catch up with, or detail what we did off hours.. that would take WAY too long.  Just know that you all rock and I had an awesome time. I still say the SharePoint Community IS unique… and more awesome than any other. 

So, without further ado, my slide decks from my sessions:

SharePoint & jQuery – What I Wish I Would Have Known When I Started  So, luckily I don’t have to write a wrap up of this session, Bamboo Solutions did a nice job wrapping it up with their post SPSTC: Mark Rackley on 'SharePoint & jQuery - What I Wish I Would Have Known When I Started' Thanks much for attending!

Wrapping Your Head Around the SharePoint Beast I like to call this session “The session that just won’t die!”. This is the first session I ever presented on and I tout it as the session I wish I would have seen when SharePoint was dumped in my lap. I keep thinking I’ll never do it again, but I then remember there are still people in that situation. So, I do believe it’s a needed session and what others find trivial or common sense could be mind blowing to those who really don’t know where to begin. I hope you guys are still finding value in it.

Just Freakin’ Work!! Avoiding Common Hurdles in SharePoint Development So, this session with my most excellent buddy Geoff Varosky (@gvaro) is always a crowd pleaser. Well, actually, it’s 75 minutes of Geoff and I insulting each other while paying vague attention to the slides. Like we always point out though, the real value in this presentation is the slides. I’m just the eye candy and Geoff is… well.. Geoff is a pretty nice guy sometimes.  Smile  We had a packed room with some great interaction from the attendees. Thanks to all those that attended!

So, could this have been the pinnacle of SharePoint Saturday? Did Michael Lotter (@michaellotter), Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux), Dan Usher (@usher), and the rest of the organizers create the SharePoint Saturday that can’t be outdone? Well, don’t challenge them, because I might have said that about the last SharePoint Saturday DC which hosted 100 speakers and 1000 attendees.  One thing is for sure, these guys can get stuff done and I’m looking forward to attending and speaking again.. I just hope I can add some value here and there.

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It was great to see you there, SPHB. I think you should make the claim that they can't be outdone, so that we some *real* magic next year!
Left by Owen Allen on Aug 20, 2011 12:08 AM

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