Essential Links for the SharePoint Client Side Developer

Front End Developer? Client Side Developer? Middle Tier??? I’m covering all my bases.  Regardless, I’m sick and tired of Googling with Bing when I forget where information that I need often is located. I was getting ready to bookmark some of them when it hit me… “Hey Mark… (I don’t actually refer to myself in the third person), Why don’t you put the links in a blog so that it looks like you are being helpful!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back to some of my old blogs to remember how I did something. Seriously people, you need to start a blog, it’s the best way to remember how the frick you got something to work… and it looks like you are being helpful when in reality you are just forgetful.  Smile

So… where was I? Oh yeah.. essential information that I’ve needed from time to time when I was not using Visual Studio. All of this info has come in handy from time to time. Know about these things and keep them in your tool belt, it’s amazing the stuff you can accomplish with just knowing where to look.

What Why
SPServices Widely used library written by Marc Anderson used to call SharePoint Web Services with jQuery
jQuery For SPServices and other cool stuff
Easy Tabs Essential tool for quick page enhancements. This widely used too from Christophe Humbert groups multiple web parts into one tabbed display. Very quick and easy way to get oohs and ahs from End Users.
Convert Calculated Columns to HTML Also from Christophe, I use this script all the time to convert html in my calculated columns to actually display as html and not with the tags.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Data View Web Part XSL Tags

This blog series from Marc Anderson makes it very easy to understand what’s going on with all those weird xsl tags in your data view web parts. Essential to make those things do what you want them to do.
Creating Parent / Child list relationships (2007)

Creating Parent / Child list relationships (2010)
By far my most viewed blog posts (tens and tens of thousands).  I have posts for both 2007 and 2010 that walk you through automatically setting the lookup id on a list to its “parent”.
Set SharePoint Form fields using Query String Variables Also widely read, this one walks you through taking a variable from your Query String and set a form field to that value.


Okay, let me add some of the third party jQuery libraries that I routinely use in SharePoint. These are a quick and easy ways to add some “wow” to your pages.

What Why
SimpleModal Do you really like the pop up forms in 2010? Do you wish you could do them in 2007? Or better yet, turn them into a wizard? Display DVWP’s in a pop-op? The possibilities are endless with this simple little library.
g.Raphael Business Users always want pretty pictures, they hate words…so why not use SPServices in conjunction with this library to create pie chars, bar charts, etc… you can even add drill down functionality. Cool stuff.
FullCalendar My MOST favorite third party library for SharePoint in the entire world.. this thing works seamlessly with SPServices to give users the calendar view they REALLY want. Use on any list with a date, color code dates. bring in data from multiple lists into one calendar.  Your one stop shop for calendar awesomeness.
date.js Show of hands, who hates messing with dates and date calculations? Yeah.. I thought so. This library makes it as close to painless as possible.
datetimepicker Nifty easy to use jQuery date and time picker for setting date fields. Uber useful.
Easy Accordion Groovy, easy to use accordion that integrates will with SharePoint… you can even stick your custom web parts and DVWP’s into the accordion if you know what you are doing.


Hmmm… I KNOW there are more, but I’m tired and drawing a blank.  I’ll try to add them when I remember them (or need them again and think “Oh, I forgot to add that one”)

But it’s a start, and please feel free to add your own in the comments…

So, it’s YOUR turn to be helpful. What little tip or trick do you find yourself using ALL the time that you think everyone should know about??