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So, if you come away with one thing from last week’s SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston, I’d like it to be this… Pescadigitation… The act of doing magic or sleight of hand with fish…


What does that have to do with SharePoint or Collaboration? Well… nothing really… I was trying to say “Pescatarian” (a Vegetarian who also eats fish) at SharePint at Boston Beer Works and it came out “Pescadigitarion”.. which got me thinking… first of all, that the Pumpkin ale was really good.. but also that.. “Hey… there’s a cool new word there!”.

Not everyone at the table agreed with me, no matter how much I tried to convince them…  Hey… there they are now…

2010-10-20_19-26-54_232 2010-10-20_19-27-53_91

2010-10-20_19-28-08_45 2010-10-20_19-29-31_285

Thanks for your support guys!! However, after further investigation and collaboration at a local Japanese Steakhouse on Thursday night…. it was determined that a sushi chef is a GREAT example of a “Pescadigitationist”. I mean, look at the magic they do with fish?


Natasha Scott (@TashasEv) also coined a new term as well… The Chef at a Japanese Steakhouse performs Hibachery! You never know what’s going to happen when you collaborate over SharePoint and SharePint… However… we decided to push our luck and collaborate over some Karaoke which included the song styling's of Michael Doyle singing Summer Nights and Never Gonna Give you Up… Getting Rick Roll’d was never been so smooth…

2010-10-21_23-00-09_719  2010-10-21_23-06-42_702

2010-10-21_23-29-18_705 2010-10-21_23-30-08_867

A good time was had by all… although a few were feeling rough the next day…

2010-10-21_22-58-08_450 2010-10-21_22-58-23_596

2010-10-21_22-58-31_475 2010-10-21_23-30-25_515

2010-10-21_23-30-35_550 2010-10-21_23-31-52_290

Oh wait.. there was supposed to be something about SharePoint in there??  My bad…  Well.. luckily, I don’t have to summarize the conference because my good buddy (and Canadian) Ruven Gotz (@reveng) wrote a fantastic blog summarizing the conference and the great job David Rubenstein, Kathy Bruin, and all the organizers did:

SPTechCon Recap (and download links)

I also echo Ruven’s 3 reasons for attending conferences like these. Very well put ya hoser!

Oh wait… I spoke as well?  So, I had two sessions at the conference.  The first session with my good buddy Geoff  Varosky is aptly titled “Just Freakin Work! Avoiding Hurdles and Overcoming Pain”.  This is a really awesome session if you need a good reference deck for developer pitfalls. Geoff and I try to make a dry topic entertaining and throw in some useful examples… I think we do a pretty good job and based on some of the comments we have received we achieve our goal.  You can get the slide deck here:


My second session was a reprisal of my Web Services session I did at SPTechCon in San Francisco.  I updated it with better demos and more information.  This presentation is actually based on Eric Shupps’ presentation he did for DevLink (with his permission of course) “Serve It Up – Building Collaborative Applications with SharePoint Web Services”.  I dumbed it down somewhat so I could understand it and gave it my own spin in certain areas. I’m sure it doesn’t compare, but it’s one of those core areas that all developers should have some knowledge of. This is also the session which I tried to introduce “Pescadigitation” which they didn’t seem to appreciate either… oh well…  The slides are available here:


Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions!

I was also able to attend a few sessions and learned quite a bit from the experts that speak at these things. It was a great time and I really enjoyed hanging out with all the amazing SharePoint people… I would attempt to name you all, but I’d be afraid of missing someone…  I look forward to speaking at the next SharePoint Technology Conference in San Francisco where I HOPE to be presenting a SharePoint Mythbusters session… so, keep your fingers crossed (or run screaming from) for that!

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# re: Pescadigitation – The Pinnacle of Collaboration?
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I enjoy reading your blog and I enjoy viewing the pictures. It showed your happiness and you really enjoy.

Left by fred on Oct 25, 2010 11:31 PM

# re: Pescadigitation – The Pinnacle of Collaboration?
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Ummm, I'm in wayyy too many of those pictures LOL! It was great times with you Mr. Ackley and co., though judging by the pics we didn't have a good time at all. Nope. ;-D (PS- the SharePoint Mythbusters Session sounds like awesome!)
Left by Tasha on Oct 27, 2010 8:36 AM

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