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Well, it was my birthday on February 1st. Thanks for remembering. :)  And what did I happen to find in my mailbox a few days later? Why yes, it was a birthday card. It was a great card from some of my SharePoint friends at the nudging of my good buddy Dan Usher (@usher) (Who also happens to have a birthday on Feb. 1st). Below is a scanned image of the card.  I REALY hope this is not a premonition of the events to occur next week at SPTechCon in San Francisco.



Thanks again to @janishall, @cwheeler76, @mosslover, @catpaint1, @lorigowin, @wonderlaura, @fabianwilliams, @pswider, @gvaro, @ericharlan, @erickraus, @joeloleson, @usher, and all my other SharePoint friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. You guys truly rock.

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I think you'd best be ready to be picked up and tossed in a fountain or In a box. Not quite certain which but I'm certain it will be some of that unexplainable fun mentioned in the card :)

Appreciate your continued sharing with the community! Happy Birthday!
Left by Dan Usher on Feb 06, 2010 1:51 PM

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