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First things, first… You’ll notice the new blog name “The SharePoint Hillbilly”.  This is one of the interesting things that came out of SharePint.  What do you think?  You like it? hate it? At least it’s a little more memorable.  Hey, I AM from Arkansas (no, I’m not married to my sister).


The St. Louis SharePoint User Group was kind enough to put together an amazing SharePoint event this past weekend and even more gracious by allowing me to speak.  I met a lot of amazing people, had a lot of fun, and learn a thing or two.  All in all I could not have asked for a better weekend.

So, what happened?  I’m glad you asked!

#STLMossCamp:  SharePint

The event actually started the night before with at a great place picked out by the infamous Tiffany Songvilay.  Several of us met up at the International Tap House.  Two awesome things about this place 1) They had Strongbow Cider and 2) They knew what a Snake Bite was. Good stuff. I met a bunch of people that I only knew previously from Twitter.


Classic Tiffany Songvilay & Becky Isserman in the background


Jason aka @silliemunkie, sorry! Only picture I had


Drea from Energizer & Matt Bremer


Todd Kitta & Tiffany Songvilay


Chris Geier & Matt Bremer


JD Wade & Chris Geier


Also in attendance was Raymond Mitchell and a few other people.  It was a fun night with a bunch of freakin great people.

#STLMossCamp:  The Event

Mark Miller from End User SharePoint set up a live blog feed of the event that you can actually go back and view at your leisure:  Thanks Mark!

So, that means you don’t have to read all my ramblings about the sessions I attended  in my blog.  Go over to End User SharePoint and you can find out about every session. Although, the live feed was cut off before my session, so it’s not currently in the live blog.  Guess you’ll have to come see it in person!

The Sessions I Attended

Okay, so let me give you a brief summary of the session I attended.

Robert Bogue – Get Your SharePoint Project Started Right

Robert Bogue stepped in at the last minute because Errin O’Conners flight got cancelled.  He did a great job.  Thanks for pitching in at such late notice Rob!  Rob’s session discussed some really awesome practical tips to help your SharePoint project become a success including:

  • Use wireframes and not prototypes.  Users will pull you down in the details about shades of colors not being quite right, etc.  Just give them a wireframe to move things along.
  • He discussed the types of SharePoint Projects: Internet, extranet, intranet,document management, project management, collaboration,mini-application,application
  • He also did a great job discussing Risk involved in SharePoint projects. 

Again, find all my tweets over at End User SharePoint.  Great Job Robert!

Tiffany Songvilay – Case Study: How Energizer Trained Users to Change

First of all Tiffany is a GREAT presenter, and I found out she was actually a professional comedian for a while.  I’m not surprised, lots of energy, very entertaining, and quite insightful. Her session dealt with the how Energizer successfully got their users to embrace SharePoint and gave some great tips to make your launches a success.  I highly recommend her session especially to managers and executives.  You REALLY need to hear this stuff to make SharePoint a success in your organization.

One last note about Tiffany’s session.  I realize this is the type of session that most developers and admins may not jump to attend, but you HAVE to attend this session at least once.  Let’s face it, not matter how great your SharePoint deployment is, if you don’t get user adoption what good is it?

Raymond Mitchell – Introducing the Data Form Web Part

Raymond did a really awesome presentation on using SPD and the Data Form Web Part.  Did you know the SharePoint Designer is Free??  SERIOUSLY!  Anyway, contrary to popular belief I am NOT a SPD hater, I think it has its place.  Raymond also showed how to view an XML file and insert/edit entries in the XML file from SharePoint using SPD in just a few steps.  Really cool actually.  Good job Raymond.

Leonard Mwangi – SharePoint Capacity Planning & Governance

Leonard’s session gave a lot of great detail about capacity planning and I learned quite a bit.  Did you know that you can 250,000 sites in a site collection?  Seriously… Okay, maybe you knew it, but I didn’t.   He went over common architecture questions that are asked when building a SharePoint environment as well as giving some best practices for disk space and content database size. 

Like I said.. head over to End User SharePoint to get more detail about each of the sessions I attended.

So!  What’s Next?

Next for me is organizing “SharePoint Saturday Ozarks” in Harrison, AR. on July 18th.  Hope everyone can make it.  Looks like we are going to have some amazing presenters and SharePint is going to be in Branson, MO.  Keep an eye out for details.

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