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  • JesseLiberty @John_Papa Sorry to hear. Hope they get well v soon; cancer can be a nightmare...or not, depending on so many factors. Hoping for the best. about 656 days ago
  • JesseLiberty Black Sabbath just released their first album in.... what? 30 years? Amazing. And amazingly good. about 656 days ago
  • JesseLiberty My poor fish. Whenever I'm doing a podcast or a recording, I turn off their filter (noisy) - and then I forget to turn it back on! about 657 days ago
  • JesseLiberty @clintonrock Crazy: Wife, Kid1, Kid2, Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, Mac, Kitchen Laptop, Spare laptop, Surface, Samsung Slate. Ooops, that's 11! about 658 days ago
  • JesseLiberty @julielerman You are more than kind, and yes, I spend a lot of time giggling helplessly :-) about 659 days ago
  • JesseLiberty @julielerman Great choice. I bought the 15s when my dog ate my earlier pair... very happy with them. about 659 days ago

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These days I'm very much in the market for anything will cut down on manual typing. Thus I'm dictating more of what I write (using speech recognition), and today I began to explore CodeRush: a highly extensible Visual Studio plug-in Being very smart marketers, DevExpress offers a free version: CodeRush Express, which is a somewhat stripped down, but ......

Turing Project Page: [Novice: 9 | Advanced: 6 ] FAQ | Table of Contents | Definitions What is this and where do I start? [Reposted here while my primary blog is sorted out ] From Database to DataGrid The next step in Project Turing is to create a first iteration of the Silverlight application that will retrieve data from our database. Using our technology ......

I'm happy to announce that I've launched a new project examining the creation of a business application from design to implementation using Silverlight and such related technologies as Linq, Entity Framework, RIA Services and more. This project is being documented on two levels: Targeted at intermediate Silverlight programmers. Targeted at novice Silverlight ......

I very much want to thank the hosts and community of Geeks With Blogs,but what I hoped would be a good way to divide my blogging has just caused confusion and duplicaiton. Therefore, having learned my lesson, I'm consolidating my blogs at, and ask that you please redirect your feeds to ......

Chris Sells asks about Geeks and Limericks and I offer my first. You may want to try your hand ......

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