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There are many tutorials in Silverlight over the Internet that mostly cover the basics of Silverlight but when you start getting a bit ahead you get into trouble and the real lack of tutorials or examples when you get to Intermediate level and beyond there is much to be desired especially when it comes in examples on MSDN (specifically VB.NET), so I am starting a new series which I hope will cover from basic to advanced level, and I might try to go in as much detail as possible, basically I am finding it hard to make the transition from WPF to Silverlight and this blog series will be my way of keeping notes.

I might not get it right the first time or I might miss a few things so you are always welcome to correct and rectify me if I make any mistakes. The series isn't arranged in any order I'll just blog them as they leap in my mind, I might not blog some concepts but you are always welcome to post requests.

In near future I hope to post atleast the following (the order may change)

  1. Understanding: Silverlight Binding
  2. Understanding: Silverlight Dependency Properties
  3. Understanding: Silverlight User Controls
  4. Understanding: Silverlight Custom Controls
  5. Understanding: Dynamic Silverlight
  6. Understanding: Dynamic Silverlight XAML
  7. Understanding: Silverlight Templates

In addition, I'll also bring you examples in Developing series which use the concepts in Understanding series and develop real-world applications both in C# and VB.NET, and in this series you might see

  1. Developing: Custom User Controls
  2. Developing: Custom Controls
  3. Developing: Dynamic Custom Controls
  4. Developing: Commercial Applications

Have some patience and stay tuned.

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