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I have been very busy lately with different projects and now I have a little bit of time on my hands to play around with Silverlight 2. As I have promised before loads of Tutorials are coming your way. So stay tuned.

I am little late in blogging, so there are many tutorials already available, so I'll cut the long way and come directly to doing complex things in Silverlight, so if you are expecting "Hello World" in Silverlight then look else where.

I will be posting tutorials in VB.NET, and if possible I'll also post C# code, but since Silverlight 2 now supports System.XML.Linq, I will also be using VB Literals which is VB exclusive, so even if you are C# programmer you don't want to miss that, just don't blame me if you start loving VB.NET more than C#, which I bet you will.

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