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Being a WPF developer and Silverlight enthusiast and early adopter of Silverlight I was very pleased when Microsoft employees (Tim, Scott, Jesse among others) said its going to be very close to WPF, that meant that I can reuse my WPF skills and apply them in Silverlight 2. And was waiting impatiently for Beta 1 of Silverlight 2, and when I hands on I, I was disappointed with it, I couldn't develop Silverlight applications because I was still struggling to find out what features of WPF is not in Silverlight 2.

I was going to make a lengthy report on it but I found this blog entry by Rob already there, what he did in that post was just put down a tiny-winy amount of the problems Silverlight presents over WPF, the list could go on and on. I'll try to post everything else soon.

Microsoft really need to fix these issues, otherwise we would have two versions of XAML for every instance and both of then absolutely different.

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