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Today, when Microsoft released “Bing Visual Search” I decided also to release to public beta version of my own visual search site :) It’s of course not so fancy like this from Microsoft but I think it’s enough to search something and have fun. [Beta]

I named it because it’s more like surfing through the Internet than browsing. is available of course under  domain.

Lunch [Beta]


Main features in are:

·         Surfing through Images, Videos and websites (use tabs)

·         User can use left list (listbox) to change actual picture or play with main surface.

·         Main surface let to zoom in and out, drag and drop and select items (use mouse LBM and wheel).

·         User is able to go to:

o    “Full Screen” mode

o   Enlarge surf-space

o   Install application locally (out of browser)


Technologies was created purely in .NET. It’s uses new features of Silverlight 3.0 and’s API.

View enlarged out of browser


I’m looking forward for your feedback. If something is wrong, or you think it should work in different ways, please leave a comment! :)


I started this project about month ago to participate in programming competition. Because it was my third idea and I liked it so much, I decided to continue my research. Now I will adding new features until I will be bored or I will find something new to do ;)

Known issues

·         I am aware about performance and this is main task to do now. I plan to fix it in next few days.

·         Developer API. I would like to release user control, so everyone could incorporate with his websites and surf through his own data.


So, remember about comments and “surf the web with” ;)



Jacek Ciereszko

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