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I am glad to announce that we have winners of Central and Eastern Europe of “Win The Web and Discover Yourself!” contest in 2008. And the winners are:

Best Student Team:  HP Team from Poland (89 points)

  HP TEAM - Win The Web Contest

 Prize: 3 free tickets to TechEd in Barcelona !


Best Company: Team Carnation from Hungary (91 points)

(I don’t have image. Send me If you have any.)

Prize: engagement with the Microsoft Innovation Center team in Copenhagen!


About contest

Challenge took place almost two weeks ago (17-18 May) and consisted in creating one main application and three extra tasks, during only 24 hours of development with only a couple of snack breaks and no time for sleep. All participants started coding at 12:00 on Saturday and finished at 12:00 on Sunday.

The main task consisted in creating a web application for monitoring a fleet of lorries for a cargo forwarding company. The contestants were encouraged to take advantage of such cutting-edge Microsoft technologies as Silverlight, Virtual Earth, Windows Communication Foundation Services, LINQ to Database, services, etc.

Winners in countries: 


  • 1st:  team Helios  
  • 2nd:  team Code4Fun    
  • 3rd:  team dotNETfellas  


  • 1st: Digitalmania (Student first prize)
  • 1st: Carnation (Best Company)
  • 2nd. Bounch of mice

Fair Play : Team Agysejt and Team Technik

Interware's special prize:  Northwind

ITSecure's special prize:  The Turing



  • 1st: HP Team (me and my team)
  • 2nd: UTP.NET TEAM
  • 3rd: Devenue


  • 1st (student team): Best Future
  • 1st (company): SoftServe
  • 2nd : Ukrainian students
  • 3rd:  CTeam

And the reason why I am so happy about this is that I was one of participants and a member of them (HP TEAM) which won Polish and European part of contest. Members of HP TEAM: Michal Drozdowicz, Jakub Korczak and me, Jacek Ciereszko.

But because it’s not nice to boast I will just show our applications. ;)

Our Applications (Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1)

First we had to create entry application to participate in contest. We had a list of propositions and every team had to choose one and implement it. It was mandatory rule to participate in contest.

I and my team (HP TEAM) chose solitaire game. We create application using Silverlight and you can play this game here:



The main application and Task 2 are connected to one application and you can see it here:

Main Application

Before you say something wrong or you find a bug, please remember that all entrants had only 24 hours and we didn’t have time to write tests and implements all features.

More information

My polish blog: link


The reason why I wrote this post is because I wanted to thank to organizers. In this year they gave chance to participate also for people from other countries, like Poland. I hope that in next year this contest will be in all European countries and we all meet again.


See you on Tech-Ed 2008 (Barcelona, Spain),
Jacek Ciereszko


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