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In this post I want to highlight how easy it is starting a MVC Project using NuGet and deploy it to AppHarbor. It is not much but it is fun.

First you need to install Visual Studio 2010. Then, go to Tools –> Extension Manager. From the Online Galery install NuGet ( if you don’t already have it ). Make sure you also have ASP.NET MVC3 installed.

Create a new MVC 3 Project. Add a Class Library project to the solution.

Since you’ve added NuGet you have access to the Package Manager Console. I’m sure there might be other ways but what I do is this: I select Test from the Default project in the toolbar.

Type the following command

Install-Package NUnit

This is will add the latest NUnit release. Should you want you can also add Machine.Specifications.

What would an MVC Project be without an IoC/DI container. So you should add your favourite, I usually go for Unity.

Test your app by pressing F5.

Now for the fun part. Create an account with AppHarbor. Install Git if you didn’t already.

Create an application in AppHarbor and follow their instructions. Push the application to the url AppHarbor gave you. Review the Build status. It might be that the app is not yet deployed to their nginx server so you might have to wait a while, for me it was about 2 minutes.

After the wait I saw the app running so now I can continue with my development.

Give it a go!

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