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Paul Makowski
Looking to write and whitepaper on Social Computing, Enterprise Search and Taxonomy...the bases of the whitepaper will be on Technology and finding relevant information. With the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, SharePoint and many other Web 2.0 social computing sites out on the internet people and organizations are finding it increasingly difficult ......

I have added some links to my blog that you will find helpful when looking in to Enterprise Content Management and Taxonomy.  I have also included a link to KM World that will be helpful to those that are concerned or looking into Knowledge Management.

I will be adding more information and links in the very near future!

Hello for the land of CHAOS... More and more companies that have implemented MOSS2007 are scrambling...Why you ask? SharePoint is the new share drive, the new dumping ground just another place that has created chaos for companies. This site will be dedicated to Taxonomy, Information Structure and how to use it with Sharepoint. Here is a great link that ......

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