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November 2010 Entries

Brent Ozar and Tim Ford announced today they have two SQL Cruises planned for 2011. If you don't know what a SQL Cruise is, you are missing out. Hop on over to their SQL Cruise site for information, but I'll briefly tell you that Brent and Tim have found themselves a niche. Brent and Tim simply reserved some space on a cruise ship, and for a low price for the cruise and a VERY low price for quality training, you are enjoying quality time with fellow SQL folks as well as relaxing as you travel to ......

The past month or so has been quite busy. Herve and I finshed the SQL Azure book, then spent a couple of weeks preparing for a 3 day deep-dive Azure training class in Dusseldorf, Germany. I must say, the hotel and conference rooms were SWEET! The training went well (not as many attendees as we would have liked, but it was fun nonetheless). We spent 4 days there then bolted to Paris, France for two days to see some of Herve's friends and do some site seeing. We returned home a week ago. However, no ......

Our SQL Azure book is finally done! After months of work, research (and waiting for Service Updates ) the book is finally finished. We spent a lot of time on this book, and we wanted to let you know it is out and ready for reading. It should be available on Amazon and other sites know. For topics, we cover the following: Getting Started with SQL Azure SQL Azure Design Considerations Setting up and Configuring your SQL Azure Environment Security Data Migration and Backup Strategy Programming SQL Azure ......