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One of the hotest technology topics of the day is Azure. Being a SQL guy, I am all over this technology, especially SQL Azure. So much so that Herve Roggero and I are currently writing a book for APress on SQL Azure. This book will be out in September and will include deep and thorough coverage of SQL Azure, best practices, and how-to's. We are excited about this book and the technology.

However, we'd like to hear from you. As we go around evangelizing SQL Azure at user groups, code camps, and SQL Saturday's, we see the range of "heard of it" to "experimenting with it". Very few are actually doing something with Azure. I'd like to know what your concerns/questions are regarding Azure.  More specifically, what functionality do you think is cool as well as what is lacking, and what would be your list of "must have's" to do something with Azure.

We hear a lot regarding security concerns, lack of backup/restore, etc. Is there more? Herve and I will be posting frequently as we write to let you know what we find, what is cool, and what you can look forward to. I'm heading to Tech-Ed in June and hopefully will come back with some great things to tell you!

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The biggest thing I'm seeing is SQL Audit support. I write code for a healthcare product so I love cloud but need to help support IT's HIPAA audits.
Left by Aaron King on Aug 11, 2010 11:40 AM

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