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October 2009 Entries

I spoke last weekend at the Orlando SQL Saturday on the topic of SQL Server and the xml data type. I was somewhat concerned that my session would draw little attendees for several reasons. First, my session was in the last timeslot of the day, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Second, I was up against some tough competition. The organizers of the event had brought in Joe Celko to speak, and he was speaking at the same time I was. Buck Woody from Microsoft was also speaking, discussing the new Resource Governor ......

The big news today is that Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 to MSDN subscribers! It will be publicly available in 2 days, on Wednesday. This announcement was made on MSDN and also through Soma's blog. That can be found here: An official date has also been announced for the official release of VS2010. The date is March 22nd, 2010. We are all waiting with great anticipation ......

Herve Roggero and I were driving to the Naples .NET Code Camp yesterday talking about technology and ideas and all of a sudden he blurted out "BING me up Scotty!" We laughed so hard Herve almost drove off the road.

However, I now have a new tag line and have incorporated it into my presentations. We told Joe Healy about it and he also took a picture of it on my slide deck during my presentation.

"BING me up Scotty!"

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I have some upcoming speaking engagements coming up throughout South Florida. Yesterday I was in Naples, Florida speaking at the SW Florida .NET Code Camp, speaking on a lot of the new things coming in ADO.NET 4.0 Entity Framework (obviously ). I completely ran out of time as I tried to cram a bunch of topics into an hour. I talked about Model-First development, POCO, and T4 templates. I first gave a brief EF introduction to those who were new to EF, ......