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News Photo of Tanzim Saqib Tanzim Saqib is a Senior Developer, who spent half of his life on software and worked for many companies like #1 .NET controls provider Telerik Inc, #1 personalized Web 2.0 start-page like Pageflakes (acquired by LiveUniverse). He developed many projects ranging from banking solutions for Citibank, HSBC, Wamu, Wells Fargo etc. to Paperless Virtual University. He is industry's earliest and leading widget developer and as know as "Widget Master" to his peers.

He is a preacher of Microsoft technologies. While he jams with the latest additions to .NET, in his spare time he blogs at, maintains his personal website, leads .NET Research group. writes articles.

He is an easy going, fun loving, and passionate technology individual who is open to any kind of business opportunity and professional relationship. He currently lives in Bangladesh, but travels anywhere in the world on professional demand.

Email: me at TanzimSaqib dot com

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Simple Form Validation - A Reflection based approach
Are you tired of placing multiple Validation controls on Form? If you are bored of following scenario like me, keep on reading the post: A simple Email address validation can consist of whether The field is empty Longer than limit Email address format is invalid Already in use Ordinary solution to this problem is placing multiple validation controls for a single TextBox. You can simply it by replacing all with a single Custom Validator. Our goal is to reduce amount of controls on the form to keep ......

Posted On Friday, March 28, 2008 5:02 PM

LINQ to Flickr
One of my colleagues Mehfuz Hossain developed a wonderful open source project which allows you to query Flickr photos by LINQ, also lets you insert, delete photos directly to/from Flickr. You wonder how to extend LINQ in such an amazing way? It’s easy by writing your own custom LINQ provider, which was not-so-easy until he came up with another handy open source project named LINQ Extender. He did all the expression parsing stuff to ease our pain. Now you can make your own LINQ to Anything using this ......

Posted On Saturday, March 1, 2008 10:08 PM

A "transactional" generic DbHelper for LINQ to SQL
In LINQ to SQL, the data model of a relational database is mapped to an object model expressed in the programming language of the developer. When the application runs, LINQ to SQL translates into SQL the language-integrated queries in the object model and sends them to the database for execution. When the database returns the results, LINQ to SQL translates them back to objects that you can work with in your own programming language. You may want to make a data access layer that separates the data ......

Posted On Friday, February 29, 2008 8:29 AM

HttpRequestFactory vs. XMLHttpRequest in Volta
HttpRequestFactory was designed for use by tiersplitting internally and was not supposed to be exposed as part of the Volta API as Danny van Velzen from Microsoft Volta team told me today. So, its better if you use XMLHttpRequest instead because this factory class might not show up in the later releases. You will find this class in Microsoft.LiveLabs.Volta.Xml namespace. As like as JavaScript's one, in this .NET version you can also Open URL, specify method name, and of course pass credentials. You ......

Posted On Friday, January 25, 2008 11:12 PM

[New Article] Building a Volta Control : A Flickr Widget
This is my first article which is based on the first CTP of Volta considering its current limitations. You will see how you can create a Volta control that the compiler can convert into an AJAX Widget without requiring us writing a single line of JavaScript code: ......

Posted On Friday, January 18, 2008 9:38 PM

Make HTML controls discoverable in Volta Control
When a Volta control is rendered, the ID attribute of the generated HTML is changed to something like _vcId_1_DivName which is inconvenient to find from code. But the ID attribute stays the same in case of Volta Page, so it is discoverable by ID like this: Div divContent = Document.GetById<Div>... However, if you add HTML controls to the control like the following, the ID is not changed during the rendering: public VoltaControl1() : base("VoltaControl1.html") { InitializeComponent(); ......

Posted On Thursday, January 3, 2008 8:12 AM

Making cross domain AJAX call using Volta
Making a cross domain AJAX call in Volta is piece of cake. Volta compiler generates necessary client codes to make it work. Here is a snippet that can make an AJAX call to some Url and fetch data: public void DownloadPhotos() { IHttpRequest request = HttpRequestFactory.Create(); request.AsyncSend("POST", URL, string.Empty, delegate(string response) { OnPhotosLoaded(new PhotosLoadedEventArgs(respo... }); } Both IHttpRequest and HttpRequestFactory classes can be found in the Microsoft.LiveLabs.Volta.Mu... ......

Posted On Wednesday, January 2, 2008 6:49 AM

Namespace Alias Qualifier - to get rid of crazy coding
Let us say somebody in your company loves crazy coding and really do not bother about his/her codes affect others. (S)He put class name System and a constant Console and now wondering how come a simple Console.WriteLine does not compile: class System { int Console = 10; static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); // Compile time error System.Console.WriteLine("H... World!"); // Compile time error } } Making use of global::System.Console must solve your problem: class System ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 1, 2008 7:00 PM

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