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News Photo of Tanzim Saqib Tanzim Saqib is a Senior Developer, who spent half of his life on software and worked for many companies like #1 .NET controls provider Telerik Inc, #1 personalized Web 2.0 start-page like Pageflakes (acquired by LiveUniverse). He developed many projects ranging from banking solutions for Citibank, HSBC, Wamu, Wells Fargo etc. to Paperless Virtual University. He is industry's earliest and leading widget developer and as know as "Widget Master" to his peers.

He is a preacher of Microsoft technologies. While he jams with the latest additions to .NET, in his spare time he blogs at, maintains his personal website, leads .NET Research group. writes articles.

He is an easy going, fun loving, and passionate technology individual who is open to any kind of business opportunity and professional relationship. He currently lives in Bangladesh, but travels anywhere in the world on professional demand.

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Planning to move to the Azure Cloud, but already tied to the Membership API? I have recently written an article on Windows Azure which guides you to build a complete Membership provider library which can be leveraged by existing application to link to Microsoft’s cloud platform Windows Azure with no friction. Goals of this project were to be able to use regular ASP.NET Login controls, existing Membership code e.g. Membersip.UpadateUser(), MembershipUser.ChangePassword().


Last, but not least one of the major goals was ease of use. No matter which suite of controls you use: ASP.NET AJAX or MVC, Cloudship can be leveraged as your Membership provider. To install it, into your existing application, simply:

1. Reference the DLL
2. Insert few lines inside web.config
3. You are good to go

In this article you will learn how to implement your own Membership API, thus you can start moving you application data to the Azure Cloud – the future of development and business with Microsoft. Here you go - Cloudship: Membership Provider for the Cloud.

Posted on Friday, November 14, 2008 11:06 AM .NET , Azure | Back to top

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