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Sanjay Uttam Predominantly .NET December 2009 Entries
Annoying Error + Semi-Annoying Hunt for Resolution = Pleasant Surprise
I received the following error yesterday: "Unable to start debugging on the web server. An authentication error occurred while communicating with the web server. Please see Help for assistance." I tried a fair amount stuff (technical term) including items outlined on Ryan Farley's post regarding the message. What ended up working [for me] was posted by Boaz in the comments of Ryan's blog. Here is the link to the MSDN fix: Warning: If you go the ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 10:23 AM

Web Application Performance: CSS Data URIs
Was doing my daily research today and learned a couple of new and interesting things. A while back, I wrote a post about rendering options using .NET 3.5 SP1's charting component. I outlined a few of the more conventional/out-of-the-box methods (temporary directory, binary streaming). I also outlined a lesser-known technique in which you stream binary data to the src attribute of your <img> tag. That ends up looking like this... <img src='data:image/png;base64, iVBORw0KGgoAAAA[snip]; /> ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 1, 2009 4:04 PM

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