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One of my last big project revolved around keyword based searching using a Google Search Appliance and an open-source API code the Google Search Appliance written in .NET [link].  Ever since then I’ve been intrigued by keyword search technologies, specifically as it relates to their backend logic.  That all said, Google searching simply matches for strings with a few exceptions.

The guys who developed Mathmetica, though, have developed a processing engine that actually finds answers.  By that, I mean that you can actually find the answer to a question regardless if there is a string based match somewhere on the Interweb.  It’s actually pretty amazing and exposes where the next level of search may go.  For those of you familiar with the Semantic Web, this is sort of like the Semantic Web on steroids. 

In any case, the search engine is supposed to go live this evening at 5 PM…the link is

There has been a good bit of chatter on this on Gizmodo, and Lifehacker amongst other places.

A live demo is available here.

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