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Sanjay Uttam Predominantly .NET May 2006 Entries
Ajax Animated GIFs
Hey all,Came across two great resources for using/generating animated GIFs for your AJAX enabled projects...The first one is a site that dynamically generated animated GIFs for your use...The second is control that lets you display a "wait message". It's best to check out the demo on this. A neat feature of this is the ability to display the "wait message" during a page_load. This control reminds me of this ......

Posted On Monday, May 8, 2006 1:40 PM

Some handy Windows Tips
Querying and Dropping Windows Terminal Service Sessions RemotelyI often run into scenarios where I can't access a server via Terminal Services because there are no available sessions. This usually means there are too many people signed on, or one or more sessions have hung in a disconnected state. So how do you check? You connect (via TS) to another server and utilize the following utilities.This will list users that are on the server whose IP you provide, as well as the state of their connection>QWINSTA ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 3, 2006 5:02 PM

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