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Well this is my 1st post on here so I hope I don't make too many mistakes( and yes i suck at spelling! ) :)

So Palm finally put out the update for the Treo 700W. All in all it was a painless update, but it did take about 30mins ( as they said it would ) to fully complete the process. I don't know whether it had to do with the fact that the installer created like 100+ .tmp files that later it had to clean up or what.

The software (version 1.10) provides the following updates:

* Enterprise email support with Microsoft's Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) with Direct Push Technology for automatic wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts and now tasks with Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2
* Enhanced email capabilities, including more support of push email solutions, such as Wireless Sync, Verizon Wireless' email solution for Domino and Exchange environments; and enhanced synchronization capabilities with the ability to maintain an active data connection after POP or IMAP email synchronizations, and the ability to auto-synchronize all email accounts based on user settings
* Updated memory management
* Pictures and Videos application enhancements
* New Wireless Manager that provides an updated interface for turning wireless radios on and off on the Treo 700w Smartphone

After using it for a few days I have to say that The memory management has been improved and I am seeing at least 2 - 3 more megs steady. Even big programs like TOMTOM ( gps software ) release all of the memory that they used. The push email was very easy to setup. I used the 15 day trial ( since the exch 2k3 server here at work is acting funny ) at 4SmartPhone.Net and everything went smoothly. My setup is like this. Gmail FWD's to 4SmartPhone -> 4SmartPhone PUSHES to my Treo. I usually get emails that don't have attachments in about 10secs after it hits my gmail account. There have been some people that said when they have it setup coming straight into exchange, the Treo gets the mail before outlook does :) Please leave comments here or hit the contact button at the top!

-- Sal

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I too have the same set up except i'm not using 4smartphone for my email. I have 3 email accts I use and am not sure i can send from all three if I use 4smartphone for email too. Calander and contacts sync great but the email on my desktop and treo don't sync through the exchange server.
After looking through 4smartphone's FAQs, it looks like maybe I can receive all three forwared through 4smartphone but maybe only send from one. I'm waiting to hear back from their support.

Anyone know off hand????
Left by Dash on Jun 11, 2006 8:30 PM

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