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image A little while back I posted a question on Channel 9 wanting to know more about SQL Server ‘Madison’ project.

Well Charles Torre being the extremely nice bloke that he is (Thanks Charles I owe you another beer, perhaps not London Pride next time!) got on a plane from Redmond down to Orange County and went to pay the Madison development team and in particular Christian Kleinerman for is the Product Unit Manager for the Madison development, a visit

The video is a good introduction into Madison, it explains very neatly why this technology will be a very good option for any organisation that has very large databases that don’t fit all that well onto just one server and it’s time to scale-out.

In brief Madison is a MMP (Massive Multi Processing) implementation of SQL Server, it’s not OLAP or cubes or anything to do with SQL Azure. The idea is that you will be able to use ordinary SQL but the table you could be targeting could be spread across different servers, could contain millions of row of data, all of which could be measure in terabytes or even petabytes.

The video does however hint that SQL will need to ‘evolve’ to make best use of MMP but that’s to be expected. SQL has been around since the 1970’s so it’s hardly surprising that it will need some changes to help us continue to use it.

I’m pretty excited by Madison as it finally gives a scale-out option that is easier to implement than Service Broker and DPV. Don’t get me wrong they are good technologies but Madison will be nicer.

Madison is also a milestone for SQL Server and Microsoft as it finally presents a compelling product in the very large database market giving IBM and SAP some more competition which can only be good for the consumer.

Madison also provides an answer to Oracle for the excellent RAC product.

So, it’s all good in the SQL Server world right now, all I need now is a release date!

The video can be found here :

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