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As promised, what is my verdict after using BingUK for a week?

To be perfectly honest it’s been distinctly unremarkable … and this is a good thing for Microsoft!

BingUK is lacking the killer features that the US version has, the ‘get out’ for the UK version is that it’s still in Beta and will be for sometime. So perhaps BingUK is still more of a search engine than a decision engine at the moment.

So how does it compare with Google? Well to be honest, it didn’t use Google much in the first place only on my iPhone and on those occasions I used Chrome. I know I’m that person who doesn’t use Google! I switched to using sometime back, made it my default search provider in IE8 and stayed. I never thought to change as was pulling back the search results I needed. Why switch?

In all honesty the BingUK isn’t a better or worse search than or Google in my opinion, however I did find I was continually using the preview function in BingUK and missing it when using Google or Ask.  has always used Multimap as it’s default mapping site. Google has the excellent Google Maps which as an iPhone user I know and love. Now, I thought that Microsoft had it’s own maps site but curiously I found that the default for BingUK was in fact Multimap, weird? So after some digging around I found the the Bing Maps does have a UK version … so why isn’t this the default? I had to go via the US portal to find it because even the old UK URL’s took me to Multimap. Now I wouldn’t have minded so much if Multimap was a better product than Bing Maps, but it’s just not. Multimap is full of adverts so the actual map area is smaller and lacks the bird eye view feature which I find extremely useful for getting to see areas from different vantage points before I actually go there.

I have read allot of articles that compare Google and Bing over the last week and find myself perplexed as many seem to have picked the winner before reviewing and just using the article to backup their original decision. In my opinion there really isn’t that much between all of them on the daily searches I have performed but I will continue using BingUK because of the preview function that I find extremely useful because it has saved that extra click. With the iPhone I can’t change the search provider in Safari from Google but as an alternative I have downloaded the Inquisitor search tool from Yahoo which I would highly recommend trying to see if you like it.

So with conclusions I find myself asking why is Google search so popular? I’m not seeing better or worse results than the others so I’m not actually getting why they are so highly regarded? All I can conclude is that Google always has a buzz and x-factor around them which sadly I do not seem to be quite tuned into. So I’m going to change to using Google for a few days and see what the fuss is all about.

So far I haven’t exactly been bowled with Google. Take Google Squared as it does seem a little to green to have put infront of the public, I just don’t get why people don’t mind to have their time wasted? Google seems to have allot of their offerings in beta which must be a constant source of embarrassment. Take Gmail it’s been in beta for so long and in that time Facebook has risen, gained a second version and practically reinvented how people email their friends. It just seems half baked, not what you would expect from one of our industries lead lights. Anyway, I will report back in afew days … but first I must clear my head of opinions and give Google a fair go.

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 2:47 PM | Back to top

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# re: A Week with Bing
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Regarding google mail being in beta - by anyone else's standards, it's a version 6 product. There are no bugs that you will find, and everything works. In comparison, hotmail ought to be in alpha still. But it's up to google when they decide to bring it out of beta - they obviously have some kind of internal milestone, and it hasn't yet reached it. My suspicion is that it will come out of beta once they integrate it with the new Chrome add-ons to form some kind of unified comms centre. Anyway, no cause for embarrassment.
Left by Paul on Jun 09, 2009 3:42 PM

# re: A Week with Bing
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Google is just a backup search engine for me as well. I rarely find the results with Bing (or Live Search prior to Bing) to be insufficient. And even then Google search results are only better for 5% of the queries.

Paul doesn't have a problem with the beta moniker, but I do. It says something not only about the confidence a company has in the product, but in the support you're likely to get. Perhaps Google is right on top of anything that comes up, but the fact of the matter is that they could use the beta excuse at any turn.
Left by Anthony Trudeau on Jun 10, 2009 12:51 PM

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