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Hardware and Software are very much the modern day Yin and Yang, one serves little purpose without the other.

I have noticed that on the whole many developers know little about the environments that the software they are writing is going to work in falsely believing they are truly abstracted from it . Come 'Go Live' there are blank faces when for some 'inexplicably reason' the software doesn't work and the remark, 'it worked fine in test' is often heard.

Another common frustration is software that doesn't perform well from the start or starts to slow down after go live. Again blank faces and scratching of heads can be seen. All of this can be avoided not only by having better working practices and more testing which is well known but knowing more about the hardware dependencies on which the software relies which is less well known.

To help I've written a few handy guides on topics such as Storage, Servers, Networking and SCOM from a developers perspective. I believe having this knowledge is part of developing that X-Factor that makes a good developer a great developer!

Each guide will have some handy questions you can ask to get a greater understanding of your environments and some of my rules of thumb that you may find useful, I have deliberately kept the signal to noise ratio down. The first in the series is on Storage.

Developing an Infrastructure appreciation is a good way to help bridge the divide between the software and hardware camps and would make a great subject for a book. Now if any publishers are interested please drop me an email.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Feedback positive or negative is all most welcome.

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Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 11:55 AM Development Technologies , Technical Architecture | Back to top

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