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Evidently I haven't been blogging much recently and for good reason. Striking the work life/balance has been difficult in recent months as the demands of my job role has taken to getting the basics of technology right rather than building an EA initiative that has eaten into my blogging time.

It's clear that some organisations have a way to go on process and exercise maturity before they can see and understand the benefits of Enterprise Architecture. There is little point in having a few enlightened individuals the realisation for strategy must be an imperative that all managerial staff need to concentrate their staff on as a collective both business and IT alike.

However strategy takes a back seat in economic downturns and the priority changes to initiatives that help the bottom-line in a short timeframe rather than a long one.

Agreed, getting an EA right could indeed greatly help the bottom line but statements like this are not helpful right now. However there is no reason why some parts of adopting an EA wouldn't indeed be helpful but the simple and frustrating fact is that EA is not high up in the consciousness of decisions makers as an approach that can help them.

Why is this? There is many reasons from inconsistence of definition, limited amount of success stories and complexity, all of which we can argue about. The simple fact is that EA has not captured the imagination of decision makers sufficiently enough to continue to invest.

However if I could blame one single thing it would actually be one of our societies expectations for instant gratification. 'Saving for a rainy day' meaning plan for the long term future is an outmoded concept as we have become accustomed to getting what we want very quickly.

The very causes of this current economic downturn can be directly attributed to this erroneous of expectations and yet I fear that it will need to get far worse for attitudes to really change. I'm not holding my breath especially when a bigger disaster to effect out very civilisation in the form of not adapting to climate change is now effecting us all.

We clearly have a choice, do we do just enough work to keep our company in business today or do we work out a long term plan based on a set of principles that guides us to act responsibly?

Clearly I don't hold out much hope of the latter only if we can do this at a personal level first before we can attempt to do this at a larger one.

So if you don't make much of an effort to recycle your rubbish now for instance what hope is there?

If you have been neglecting your EA initiative I think it's perhaps time to wake it up again. With this statement it makes it sound that EA is linked to saving our civilisation and I suppose it is a demonstration that attitudes have changed but sadly EA won't change attitudes so EA isn't a panacea but it is the framework for the plan.

'Saving for a rainy day' is a principle that our society and civilisation has neglected and it has come back to haunt us. We can either chose and adapt to change now or be forced to later, so we still have a choice right now however it's not like we have any other options.

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