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image Hot in the heals of Fridays beta release of Channel 9 version 4 are rumors that there will be a new MSDN channel 9 style forum called Channel 8 but this site will perhaps be aimed more specifically at students.

Students do not particular get a rough ride on Channel 9 as many make a great contribution but it can't be all that cool for students to hang-out with a bunch of old techies like us, perhaps the reason for the site?

Attracting more students in an effort to support them better, why not! After the students of today are tomorrows Dev's, Architects and Managers.

And lets be honest this is exactly what happened to me, I first saw Visual Basic 3 & Access 1.1 at College when I decided to return after years of just getting computer operator jobs. However this was also the first place I encountered Oracle and I can't say I like it that much since, so perceptions in those students years are important.

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It is for students and it's live now...
Left by Lean on Jul 23, 2007 7:04 PM

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