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I have finished watching a very interesting video on Channel 9 called '5 on 9'.

The video is literally five guys from Microsoft debate the I.T. topics of the day and I found this very refreshing as it was very real, unscripted, no ego's just five people having a conversation. There was structure as Rory picked the topics and time-box the debate, just enough control to keep things ticking a long.

What struck me was that we in the community should be doing something like this!

Now, I know that Ian, Barry and I have had a bite at the cherry ourselves eariler on in the year which appeared on C9, but this was a very raw unstructure debate and seemed very random at times which, I also felt it didn't show us in our best lights, having it a 5 on 9 format is a much better idea. After all, it wouldn't exactly take much to organise it.

So, who would like to take part in a debate like this?

Drop me a note and let me know if you would like to take part.

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