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I'm not a fan of the new licensing model for MSDN and Team Studio.

It's not about being to complicated, which it is, it's about the increase in price. MSDN Universal as it's name state's had all the Microsoft software in the package, the equivalent to my mind is Team Suite. Except that MSDN universal has been down-graded to MSDN Premium subscription. Team Suite works out to be double the price of MSDN Universal.

Ok, so it still cheaper than the opposition, but not by much! Take for example Serena, they been in the game a bit longer than Microsoft and there products aren't much more expensive.

There is a deal on till the end of this month for upgrading to Team System licensing with a heavy discount (this may be a UK deal only), so if you haven't brought it yet my advice would be, be quick or go shopping! And remember, Microsoft aren't the only name in town.

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